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  • Coworking Space Codes of Conduct

    If you haven’t done so already, it’s quite possible you’ll find yourself freelancing or virtually commuting from a coworking space sooner than later. In fact, there are currently 55 million Americans who are self-employed, and this number is only expected to grow. While the saturation [...]

On The Radar

Nurturing a Professional Pace

This is part 2 of 4 in a series where I share lessons learned around starting a new business. Make sure to read the first part, Competent and Capable Business in Erie, PA. As an [...]

Establishing a Healthy, Successful Business Culture in our Region: Competency and Capability

Many young entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners are launching or expanding businesses in Erie. It is an exciting and intellectually rewarding time for the region. New ideas are being discovered, evaluated, and tested. Importantly, [...]

What’s Shakin’ Sean Fedorko?

By now you may know that I’m the cofounder and community leader for Radius CoWork. If I’ve done my job really well, then you don’t know that I’m the cofounder and community leader for Radius [...]

The Many “Percs” of Drinking Coffee

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2016 finding, 57% of Americans are slamming jitter juice every morning. That got me thinking, how many total cups are consumed a day? Research from E-Imports Espresso Business Solutions [...]

Member Spotlight: Caitlin Handerhan

Behind every great political race is an even greater campaign manager. It is an art to be able to merge public relations, political science, digital media, and public affairs in a way that earns a [...]

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Manufacturers can scarcely pick up a trade publication or listen to the business news these days without encountering articles about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how this paradigm-shift promises to revolutionize industry from top [...]

How Does a Strong Online Presence Help To Generate More Manufacturing Leads?

In the manufacturing industry, there will always be fierce competition for customers. However, this race will be between those companies who actively focus on generating leads, and those that don’t are sure to fall behind. [...]

Security Has Never Been So Essential

Quite simply, manufacturers that evolve with technology will ensure bountiful business, and those that don’t soon will be staring down the barrel of lost clients, lower productivity, and fewer sales. Even if your products are [...]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fusing physical, digital, and biological worlds In today’s marketplace, there is little divide between the “real” world and that of the digital world…at least for the businesses who are looking to flourish during the Fourth [...]

A Manufacturing Must Read: The Urgency for New Technology

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” no longer applies to the manufacturing sector. In the case of good business, obsolete technologies are as bad as broken ones. While you may ask [...]

Coworking is About the People

Hi, we’re MenajErie Studio, a full service video production and photo services studio based in Erie, PA. We specialize in broadcast commercial and online business video production and we're dedicated to bringing high quality marketing [...]

Cracking the Code of Remote Working at Radius

Working remotely, virtual working, telecommuting, telework: these are increasingly the means of taking the work you want while living where you want. Some cringe at the idea of working without a primary office—imagining all the [...]

PR and Marketing Pro Makes Partner with Erie Multimedia

Lucia Conti is a PR & Marketing professional based in Erie, PA where she works with ErieMultimedia. After years in the TV Network and then media relations industry, managing business units for a large hospital, [...]

Grassroots Organizing with Dan Doubet

Civic and political engagement are more important than ever in Erie as the city rebounds and local elections approach. We often look to Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto and his city as an example of how innovative [...]

Copywriting with a Swift Right Hook to the Jaw: Matt Flowers and Ethos Copywriting

Matt Flowers is a professional copywriter based in Erie, PA. He recently launched his business Ethos Copywriting, acquiring customers in Erie and New York City. Matt also plays in the band Falling Hollywood (you’ve most [...]

Jenna Tobin: From Intern to Campaign Manager at ApexDrop, Before Even Graduating

Jenna Tobin was an intern with ApexDrop, an influence marketing startup that connects fashion influencers with the brands they love. ApexDrop has an impressive list of industry partners including GiGi, Fossil, and NY&C. Due to [...]

Serving Downtown Erie, PA’s Renewal: An Interview with Craig Schneider

Craig Schneider volunteers, donates, supports, and revitalizes Erie on a number of a different fronts. As we got to know Craig, we further discovered he is one of the most interesting persons in the world [...]

Introducing Downtown Erie to the Newest Trend in Fashion: Influence Marketing

Over the past six months a marketing startup has been gaining traction by introducing trending marketing strategies in Erie, Pa. Zak Stahlsmith founded ApexDrop in 2015. He introduced influence marketing to the Erie scene by [...]

  • Radius Gallery

Art Inspires Commerce

As part of Erie’s Downtown Revitalization art installations, artworks, and interactive art displays should accompany the renewal of commercial office space. The Radius Gallery exemplifies this mission. As the Radius Gallery continues to enliven the [...]

Member Spotlight: Remote CoWorking Like a Boss

This article is part of the ‘who’s in the Radius?’ series. Questionable grammar. Great stories. Andrew Chernauskas imports work and pay into Erie on a daily basis working remotely (telecommuting) for a boutique web development [...]

Is Your Adwords Account Wasting Money?

When you type a search query into Google, a list of results is returned. These are referred to as Search Result Pages (SRPs). The SRPs contain a list of website pages that Google has ranked, [...]

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Painful by Erie Multimedia

If you own a business, you know that marketing can be a necessary evil. On top of having to do your work you have to worry about how you will stand out from other businesses. [...]

Coworking and Erie’s Renaissance

In cities like Erie, especially those hit hard by Rust Belt decline, many are wondering how millennials will step up to shape their cities. What society will they create? After all, it is the millennial [...]

Find Efficiency in Distributed Teams and Tools

Henry Ford’s assembly line factories relied on the simultaneous, choreographed production of hundreds of employees in one location. The model of concentrating simultaneous labor hours in a single location carried over to the offices of [...]

Why I Love WordPress

Over the years, more than 50 open source Content Management Systems (CMS)s have popped up, but only some have survived the rigors of our fast-moving world of web technologies. It takes an incredible effort, and often [...]

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